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hello there
Is the site up and online again?
Blimey thought the site had gone down..
i know what u mean Karl
i know what u mean Karl
New website coming up soon !
site doesn't open whats up
Oh well. I gave it 4 years of my days and half my nites but no one seems interested in it anymore. See you guys in the next cartoon!Adios, over and out!!
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Name : Anthony
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Age : 30 (birthday in 345 days)
Birthdate : 27-08-1984
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Homepage : http://www.croq-studios.com/
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CROQ dollars : 1890.05
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601. Jose Palma Tue. 22 May. '07 - 17:08
Jose Palma's avatar
Hey bro... made a visit to teletet today... it reminds me a lot croq two years ago... Crying or Very sad
602. Jose Palma Wed. 23 May. '07 - 05:49
Jose Palma's avatar
Not only the activity, but also the avarge quality of the posts... really reminded me croq from sometime ago. I mean, the whole enviroment and so on....

I'm not at all complainning about a thing. All here is getting better and better... but it really reminded me the old croq...

daaaa, I'm only been nostalgic.... it happens to old people! Mr. Green
603. jjraoul Thu. 31 May. '07 - 00:10

Anthony wrote:
Welcome to croq ! Smile

Mr. Green
604. jaakske Sun. 3 Jun. '07 - 18:46
jaakske's avatar
Anthony wrote:
Welcome to croq !

thx dude Very Happy
efkes in NL:kben dus ook overgevlogen van TT alhoewel dak op TT veel actiever ga zijn
605. LD Sun. 3 Jun. '07 - 19:44
LD's avatar
you must be active on both site's, there is fun over here to,

but it's depents of us, anthony is al ready working very hard for both site's.

i say we give him a rest, and help him out Wink
606. gangsta123 Mon. 4 Jun. '07 - 17:58
gangsta123's avatar
thanks zijt gy nie den admin van TT?
607. LD Mon. 4 Jun. '07 - 18:14
LD's avatar
yes he's the TT admin,

first he was admin over here and then he bought TT Wink

plz talk English, there are international members over here and they don't talk dutch Wink
608. LD Thu. 7 Jun. '07 - 17:37
LD's avatar

I made publicity for croq on Teletet.org
Wink Wink
609. base jumper Fri. 8 Jun. '07 - 15:34
base jumper's avatar
Hy Anthony
i'm base jumper on TT

if got a question
why must be the avatar smaller than 24 kb?
@ TT it must be under the 60 kb
610. Anthony Sun. 10 Jun. '07 - 14:49
Anthony's avatar
The Boss
I'm gonna change that Smile
611. Jose Palma Fri. 15 Jun. '07 - 19:32
Jose Palma's avatar
Muito obrigado, amigão!

Well, I'm sane enought to make that difference.... and... well, anyway, I don't have any hot friend... so they are safe! looool

See ya!
612. Nicholas Sat. 16 Jun. '07 - 01:37
Nicholas's avatar
Anthony wrote:
Welcome back mate, long time no see !

Thanx, it's great to be back on Croq!
613. maxime Sat. 16 Jun. '07 - 17:20
maxime's avatar
whats with the -# forum posts? I saw several members with a negative number forum posts
614. Caela Sun. 17 Jun. '07 - 19:13

Anthony wrote:
Welcome to croq my friend! !

thanks alot M8
615. cumshotje Tue. 19 Jun. '07 - 15:49
cumshotje's avatar
Thnx , It's the first time i'm active on croq Wink
616. champloofan Wed. 20 Jun. '07 - 08:05

Anthony wrote:
How's the champ doing these days ?

i'm doing alright. could be better, could be much worse. how about you?
617. LD Wed. 20 Jun. '07 - 17:56
LD's avatar

it's seem it gonna be alrichted whit croq Wink
TT members are joining Cheer
618. Anthony Thu. 21 Jun. '07 - 10:20
Anthony's avatar
The Boss
It's an invasion !
619. champloofan Thu. 21 Jun. '07 - 18:15

Anthony wrote:
champloofan wrote:
Anthony wrote:
How's the champ doing these days ?

i'm doing alright. could be better, could be much worse. how about you?

I'm great !
Summer has started now, no reason to cry Very Happy

ah summer! you've got that right! Mr. Green
620. psydo Sat. 23 Jun. '07 - 08:52
psydo's avatar
Psydo from TT has joined the party Smile

hello Anthony, I like the site, but TT wil always be the best Smile
or, do I have to say IT it's a shame wath the stupid m*therf*UCKERS of telenet did to you, and to the members of TT (IT)
But i'm sorry for the depressing words, I'm just going to have a good time on croq!


621. Made2C Sat. 23 Jun. '07 - 11:26

Hello Anthony!
I joined Croq I hope it is as fun here as on IT
622. psydo Sat. 23 Jun. '07 - 13:51
psydo's avatar
waneer komen er modverkiezingen?
when are the mod-auditions comming up?
623. Made2C Sat. 23 Jun. '07 - 18:18

Anthony wrote:
Made2C wrote:
Hello Anthony!
I joined Croq I hope it is as fun here as on IT

Have a great time !

Every night I automatically post the most popular posts of the day before from IT.

Isn't that ripping Laughing
624. LD Wed. 27 Jun. '07 - 10:18
LD's avatar

I have a question.
wat is that thing in de croq nose hole???

left corner
625. Anthony Wed. 27 Jun. '07 - 14:16
Anthony's avatar
The Boss
a ring Smile
626. LD Wed. 27 Jun. '07 - 16:12
LD's avatar
627. Jose Palma Mon. 6 Aug. '07 - 16:47
Jose Palma's avatar
Anthony wrote:
What up buddy, long time no see

How are you doing these days ?
Is it winter in brazil now ?

Hey dude!

I've been quite busy here lately, so I have not much time to spend on croq Sad But I do have a bunch of posts ready to be on line!

It's winter here and the avarege temp is around 9° C.... last week there was a terrible cold front from Argentina that made the temp drop to - 5 ° at night.... damn argentineans.. always giving us problems!

How is you summer going?
628. dYoligY Thu. 23 Aug. '07 - 07:18
dYoligY's avatar
I'm also from IT, but it came a little bit to busy. So I searched for an other forum, and yes, here it is, I hope I can be very active, so this community wil be booming. And now I'll start posting again Smile

629. base jumper Sun. 26 Aug. '07 - 22:00
base jumper's avatar
Happy B-Day Boss Smile

Enjoy Your Day Wink alcoholic
630. Part-Time Slacker Sun. 26 Aug. '07 - 23:59
Part-Time Slacker's avatar
Heeey, m8!

Congrats with your B-day, man!

Hope you'll have a ball! Cool
631. Diddy Mon. 27 Aug. '07 - 00:55
Diddy's avatar
Gelukkige Verjaardag !!!!!!!
Happy Birthday !!!!!!

Applause Applause Applause Mr. Green
632. Jose Palma Mon. 27 Aug. '07 - 07:03
Jose Palma's avatar
Hay yo!!

Getting old huh? Mr. Green

Enjoy your day, buddy!
633. Anthony Mon. 27 Aug. '07 - 08:02
Anthony's avatar
The Boss
Thank you guys Smile
634. dYoligY Mon. 27 Aug. '07 - 08:18
dYoligY's avatar
Happy B-day
Enjoy it, not to drunk Rolling Eyes
635. maxime Mon. 27 Aug. '07 - 12:33
maxime's avatar
happy birthday brother !! Applause
636. Part-Time Slacker Mon. 27 Aug. '07 - 19:16
Part-Time Slacker's avatar
Anthony wrote:
Part-Time Slacker wrote:
Heeey, m8!

Congrats with your B-day, man!

Hope you'll have a ball! Cool

Thank you very mutch ! Very Happy

How are you doing lately ?

real good thx! I've found the love og my life, and I'm so so happy

a bit busy tho, I begin studying and working again, now, and so forth...

but how 'bout you?
637. TimeDefeater Tue. 28 Aug. '07 - 12:48
TimeDefeater's avatar
thx for saing hy Razz
638. toonmeeusen Sat. 8 Sep. '07 - 11:52

you stole all my posts from intertet.org
my pofile name meeusentoon
my posts you posted recently:

even my profile url from intertet.org is still on the post
639. Jackster Mon. 10 Sep. '07 - 14:38
Jackster's avatar
toonmeeusen wrote:
you stole all my posts from intertet.org
my pofile name meeusentoon
my posts you posted recently:

even my profile url from intertet.org is still on the post

so what he does the same with my posts aswell and I don't mind because he's keeping his site up to date and intertet is also his Smile
640. jonny56 Mon. 10 Sep. '07 - 16:05
jonny56's avatar
Oh Anthony! You thief!! How dare you??? Hahahahahahah! What a MO-MO that guy is. We can send his stuff back to him and ban him for accusing you!! Hahahahahah! Just kidding. Hope all is well with you bro and I love all the sites. I go to Teletet just to look at the babes. Ya don't need to read Dutch to look!! Hahahahaha!
641. Johnnie French Mon. 19 Nov. '07 - 20:51
Johnnie French's avatar
What if I don't want to ask gently for your msn anthony... what if I want to just take it!!! Mr. Green Mr. Green Mr. Green Mr. Green

Btw I like the new site! I missed the games A LOT there's on that we need to bring back the japanese one with the guy who bounces across the screen for distance!!!

Also I can't seem to activate my account so I can save my scores there...=x I spend like 30 minutes to an hour there specially on beat the wall! Applause Applause
642. tmchgee Sat. 19 Jan. '08 - 16:11

i am from pakistan Idea
643. champloofan Sat. 9 Feb. '08 - 22:38

anthony, the poll disappeared from the main page! Confused
644. Sofia Sat. 23 Feb. '08 - 23:40
Sofia's avatar
Jonny ewa croqs aftroggelen, Manchester wint! en Chelsea zeker Very Happy
645. soul Wed. 12 Mar. '08 - 18:11

gave you all of my hard worked money
646. Zembla Thu. 29 May. '08 - 22:53
Zembla's avatar
Anthony wrote:
What's up? how are you doing these days ?

Woops, must've missed these somehow, enfin, ze zijn nu al wel een jaar oud maar toch Wink

Cava cava, met u?

Weeral exaampjes, vandaar dat ik m'n achterstallige post aan't verwerken ben Wink
647. skatertopboy Tue. 12 Aug. '08 - 09:03

your post with title me on the piano is not you but it is me....
648. jonny56 Wed. 27 Aug. '08 - 08:39
jonny56's avatar


Happy birthday Anthony!! The wife and kids send wishes too! Have a good one bro and watch out for that hangover!
Laughing Laughing Laughing
649. Mr-Jos Sat. 4 Apr. '09 - 09:59
Mr-Jos's avatar
Hey Anthony, aren't you an admin on Intertet.org?

I would have a minute to say something:
Is it just me, or are you stealing every babepost from IT? Like Cl babepost (crazyloco), Proxjes mansion (Proxje^), Waffle's babepost (Waffle),...
I find this unfair for al the people on intertet who spent a lot of time to find this pictures, and you just copy paste...

(anyhow, since you are the boss, I don't want to get kicked...Mr. Green)
650. Mr-Jos Sat. 4 Apr. '09 - 10:06
Mr-Jos's avatar
btw, there are some bugs in... like when you post a reaction, it doesn(t always appear when you go see later...
651. stekks Thu. 27 Aug. '09 - 07:05
stekks's avatar
Dancing Dancing Dancing Dancing Cheer Cheer Cheer Cheer alcoholic alcoholic Wazaaa Wazaaa drool drool

Happy Birthday! Mr. Green
652. jonny56 Thu. 27 Aug. '09 - 11:36
jonny56's avatar
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I do hope you have a good one!
653. skynet Mon. 9 Jul. '12 - 14:43
skynet's avatar
Anthony wrote:
I saw you already found it

i'll give you 1 hint tho : if you want me to notice you replied on my msg here, try hitting the "reply" button next to the message. I'll direct you to my guestbook, so i know someone has replied Smile

Is the site still used..
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