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hello there
Is the site up and online again?
Blimey thought the site had gone down..
i know what u mean Karl
i know what u mean Karl
New website coming up soon !
site doesn't open whats up
Oh well. I gave it 4 years of my days and half my nites but no one seems interested in it anymore. See you guys in the next cartoon!Adios, over and out!!
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Tiny Soccer
Tiny Soccer
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Clear Rims..
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Alligator Eats Golfers Ar..
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Old British Couple Fight..
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There are no birthdays today...
link trade?
free adult site

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1. infec Thu. 1 Jan. '70 - 00:33
infec's avatar
Welcome to Croq
2. Anthony Thu. 1 Jan. '70 - 00:33
Anthony's avatar
The Boss
yeah, weclome mate Smile
3. Anthony Thu. 1 Jan. '70 - 00:33
Anthony's avatar
The Boss
hope you're still enjoying your self around here Smile
4. Anthony Thu. 1 Jan. '70 - 00:33
Anthony's avatar
The Boss
Take the time to set your birthday and get yourself an avatar in the croq shop Smile
5. skynet Thu. 1 Jan. '70 - 00:33
skynet's avatar
sexy dancers post is my post had jose palmer upload it for me, thanxs for the comment you put, want anymore get msn messenger add me skynet_42@msn.com and i got shit loads more if ya want em Wink
6. skynet Thu. 1 Jan. '70 - 00:33
skynet's avatar
sweet giz a shout when you gt on ya own pc m8
7. Part-Time Slacker Thu. 1 Jan. '70 - 00:33
Part-Time Slacker's avatar
Hey, Nicholas!

I saw your post commenting my name :0) Hehe, well, I guess I'm simply a slacker solely in my spare-time - that is to say when I'm not WORKING part-time, I'm SLACKING part-time...Gettit?

Well, anyway: Could you tell me how to upload my avatar? It doesn't seem to be working for me - I have a picture that meets the requirements, though...

C ya!

8. Part-Time Slacker Thu. 1 Jan. '70 - 00:33
Part-Time Slacker's avatar
[quote=Nicholas][quote=Part-Time Slacker]
Well, anyway: Could you tell me how to upload my avatar? It doesn't seem to be working for me - I have a picture that meets the requirements, though...

C ya!

- PTS[/quote]

Sure thing, sorry for the belated reply. First you have to buy the avatar from the CroQ shop. It costs like 10 CroQ dollars or something. Then go to User Settings and you should be able to upload it. If that doesn't work let me know.[/quote]

Thx for your reply!

I've done it all, both unlocking the function and uploading the picture (within the required boundaries) - but no, it still doesn't work. I really don't understand why...Is the picture supposed to be accepted by the host or something?

9. superbobby Thu. 1 Jan. '70 - 00:33

Nick why are you up so late, or so early, depending where you are at in the states!
10. superbobby Thu. 1 Jan. '70 - 00:33

Cool, so what is it your actually studying? I'm taking its got something to do with law by your comments on the forum. Where abouts in the states you from?
11. superbobby Thu. 1 Jan. '70 - 00:33

Your a good BSer! You had me convinced!

Jap writing is cool, most likely hard as fuck though! So if it all goes well for you, you can get a great goverment job working as a lingust! Maybe CIA FBI! Smile
12. maxime Thu. 1 Jan. '70 - 00:33
maxime's avatar
happy birthday m8 !!
13. Anthony Mon. 23 Oct. '06 - 13:18
Anthony's avatar
The Boss
Tadaa ! here it is buddy, the new croq ! enjoy it !
14. Anthony Tue. 12 Jun. '07 - 09:40
Anthony's avatar
The Boss
Welcome back mate, long time no see !
15. Jose Palma Fri. 15 Jun. '07 - 19:30
Jose Palma's avatar
Thank you Nicholas!

Long time no see... are you back for good? hehe

See ya! Peace!
16. maxime Sat. 16 Jun. '07 - 11:13
maxime's avatar
congratulations man !!! enjoy your summer
17. maxime Tue. 26 Jun. '07 - 11:15
maxime's avatar
how are you doing ? Smile
18. maxime Tue. 26 Jun. '07 - 11:29
maxime's avatar
Nicholas wrote:
Yo maxime! Been doing good, how about you?

alive and kicking Wink
19. champloofan Wed. 7 Nov. '07 - 04:25

super mario galaxy! Mr. Green
20. champloofan Fri. 7 Dec. '07 - 18:47

i beat super mario galaxy! it's amazing Very Happy

i finally got resident evil 4 wii too so i'm going to play through that next. i'm looking forward to it!
21. Nicholas Fri. 7 Dec. '07 - 21:09
Nicholas's avatar
sweet, I still havent picked up galaxy yet, I have to wait till after finals or else I'll prolly fail Very Happy . I played res evil a bit at a friends house, it's pretty fun. especially if you have one of these
Click to view image fullsize

22. champloofan Sat. 8 Dec. '07 - 03:16

you replied in your own guestbook, you fool Razz

you're in for a real treat when you pick up galaxy. it really is one of the best games ever. all killer, no filler!
23. champloofan Sat. 26 Jan. '08 - 01:11

OMG SPAM? Laughing do you have a real msn username? i just created one Smile

also, have you finished super mario galaxy yet Question do you have a DS too?
24. champloofan Sun. 27 Jan. '08 - 20:17

what did you write in japanese in the asian babe mix post? my japanese isn't that good Confused
25. jonny56 Mon. 4 Feb. '08 - 14:43
jonny56's avatar
Click to view image fullsize

26. jonny56 Mon. 4 Feb. '08 - 17:59
jonny56's avatar
New York Giants Stun New England Patriots 17-14 in Super Bowl XLII

Monday, February 04, 2008
27. champloofan Fri. 4 Apr. '08 - 18:34

where have you been, nicholas? got smash bros yet?
28. jonny56 Fri. 16 May. '08 - 00:59
jonny56's avatar
Thanks Nicholas!! Mr. Green



















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